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Anastasia, a teacher from Russia, got a 30 on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT!

By Tuesday April 24th, 2018Speaking 26+, TOEFL iBT

Yes, a 30 in Speaking! Amazing!!!

Ana and I worked together on and off for about 7 months during 2017. I want to take a moment to point out that for some students, taking classes “on and off” is actually the key to their success. It is very common for serious students to contact me and purchase a package of private lessons, study intensively and then take a break. You can read more about studying “on and off” here.

We all have busy lives. Some of us are working parents, some of us are studying and working at the same time and it’s not always possible to set aside the time and dedication required to prepare for the TOEFL exam. The information, strategies and feedback I give to my students is extensive and detailed. Sometimes students just need to take some time to review everything they’ve just learned.

These students always come back to me. We stay in touch. They trust me. I guide them while they are taking these breaks and I am there for them, supporting them whenever they need me.

This is why it is so important to communicate what’s going on in your life with the person that is guiding you through this exam. It’s important to stop and reassess your situation every once and a while.

If you do decide that you need to take a break, it’s ok! Sometimes letting the soil settle in the stream is exactly what you need to keep you moving forward. I will be here to support you through that time and I will be here when you’re ready to come back online and study with me.

After 9 months of private lessons with me, she finally scored R22 L29 S30 W26!!! Read her story below…

“My name is Ana. I’m from Russia, but at present I live and work in China as an English teacher. When people hear that I’m an English teacher they expect that TOEFL must be a piece of cake for me…However, I’d like to mention that although I’m a teacher and I speak English every day, my students level is very elementary, so I can only use simple English to talk to them. So TOEFL was a difficult task for me like for most of students. Plus there were two big BUT setting me apart from the desire score.

Before sharing my experience with Sierra, I’d like to add that I took TOEFL once. In 2014 when I studied in Japan I decided to test my English skills by taking TOEFL. And it was a big mistake for me. It was my second year in Japan and frankly speaking there was very little English left in my head. Back then I had no idea what is the test structure, types of questions and even the time given for tasks. So I went to the exam without any understanding of what I have to do. The test was stressful and I left the auditory with a terrible headache. When I got my score R20, L21, S20, W15 I wasn’t just disappointed, I was destroyed. My confidence in English had disappeared. I even gave up writing my thesis in English and wrote in Japanese instead. It took me a couple years to recover and try to take the test one more time, but this time I decided to find a teacher.

Luckily I met Sierra! Unluckily, I met her too late… I arranged my second TOEFL try on the first week of March and I started my classes with Sierra in January. I was busy working, missing my classes and not doing my homework well, but even though I scored R23 L26 S23 W20. It wasn’t the score I wanted, but I realized I’d found a great teacher who can help me reach my goal if we spend enough time working on it. After the second time I decided to take a brake on TOEFL preparation, since I was busy preparing for other exams. We resumed our classes in July and I was going to take TOEFL the third time in October. However, as I mentioned before I had some issues…

The first big “but” was my time, or it’s better to say the lack of it. My working schedule looks crazy, since I have three jobs. At the time when I was supposed to prepare for TOEFL I even didn’t have any days off. So I really want to thank Sierra for being patient and having classes with me at loud places with a very poor Internet connection during my lunch brakes. I believe that there is nothing like “I don’t have time”, it’s all about your priorities and the right time management. And Sierra was the one who was keeping me on a working mode, motivating and reminding me what are my priorities. She helped me organize my time better, so I had gaps in between to study. She shared very useful apps and studying technics that helped me study more productive in shorter time. And that was exactly what I needed!

However, the biggest BUT for me was the fact that I’m a terrible procrastinator. And if you’re used to postpone every task till the last moment you know that it’s almost impossible to start doing something until “the deadline panic monster” will come. Thanks God I have found this “deadline monster” (P.S. sorry Sierra for calling you so ^^’). She was the one who was texting me one hour after the class and saying “- Ana, one hour has gone, where are your speaking recordings with transcripts?!?! – Ana, I haven’t got your essays yet, your deadline is coming!!” And I’m sure I would never get my score without this supervision. We all have our weaknesses and I was lucky to find a teacher who can understand exactly my needs and find a suitable way for me to study.

So when the exam day had come I can’t say I wasn’t as nerves as I felt the second time taking TOEFL. Sierra was with me on my test day making sure I got to the place on time, supporting and encouraging me. I remember I left the room with this feeling of satisfaction and confidence. Right after the test I texted Sierra that I’m going to get a good score. I just felt it, because I was ready, after a good preparation it didn’t seem to me difficult, I didn’t feel exhausted after the test. I was very exited. And this is how students have to go to exams. Take the test when you are ready for it.

I got my score three weeks later. I remember I just finished my training at the gym I checked my score. When I’d seen 30 I first thought I got 30 for listening, but when I read “speaking” I was like “Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!” screaming, jumping, laughing. My teammates looked at me like what’s wrong this crazy foreigner. But I just couldn’t keep all those emotions. I couldn’t believe I got this score. It was the life changing moment. I suddenly realized how many doors had just opened for me. And of course I first sent a voice massage to Sierra. I was so insanely happy screaming that I even couldn’t string a sentence together. Later, however, I realized I got 22 on reading section and it was the only bitter moment. Never the less I’m happy with my score and I would never get it without my good friend Sierra. Thank you for being my teacher, my mental supporter and my good friend!”


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