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Congratulations Esteban! 111 on his TOEFL iBT and a Speaking 26!

By Thursday September 14th, 2017Speaking 26+, TOEFL iBT

One of my hard working pharmacists just got his results back from the TOEFL IBT exam he took this month.

His total score is 111! Most importantly, he reached his goal of Speaking 26 and now he can work as a pharmacist in the United States!

Esteban came to me with very high reading and listening skills. We worked together on his topic development, grammar, and time management skills before moving on to Delivery. During the accent reduction part of our classes we worked on the pronunciation of individual phonemes (sounds), rhythm, intonation and pacing. What a journey this has been! We started in February and have been working together online twice a week for close to 7 months. A special thanks to Jaime Miller from English Success Academy for connecting us! Felicidades Esteban! Lo lograste! I’m so proud of you!

Apart from the test-taking strategies and accent reduction work we did, prepping for the TOEFL exam involves a lot of motivation, coaching and support. He’ll be telling you all about his experience very soon! Just look at these scores!

Reading 29, Listening 28, Speaking 26 and Writing 28!

Congratulations Esteban! All your hard work paid off!
Vamos! Ahora hay que celebrar!

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