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My student Mary scored a S28 and a W27 on TOEFL iBT!

By Monday July 3rd, 2017Speaking 26+, TOEFL iBT

Yes, a 28 in Speaking! We’re ecstatic!

Mary and I have been working together on and off since October of 2016. Last month on June 9th, she took her exam for the third time. She started preparing last year but after taking the exam twice and scoring a Speaking 24 she decided to look for a professional to help her reach her goal of Speaking 26. A friend of hers had studied with English Success Academy so she came to us for a score analysis and private lessons. After 9 months of private lessons with me, she finally scored R25, L26, S28, W27!

Here’s what she wrote about our experience after receiving her scores…

“My name is Mary, I am pharmacist from Egypt and mother of 2 kids. I came to the USA in 2012 and I started to work as a pharmacy technician in 2014. Like most of the foreigners graduates, I started working on my degree to get a good position in the country. It was in 2015 when I decided to take my FPGEE test and I passed like most of the people. When it came to the hardest step, and of course I mean the TOEFL, I said to myself “I will try to do it by myself” because I thought my English is not that bad.

So, I worked for about 4 months from one of the most popular free websites, and I took my first trial in may 2016 but at the test center, I was shocked that most of the students who were taking the exam with me, were almost responding the same way I did, like I heard them delivering their responses and using the same formula that I used. Later on, I got my scores and I got R26, L19, S24, W25. Then, I decided that I will give it another shot and that was a month later, this time I got R24, L24, S24, W21. I was disappointed and I didn’t know what my problem was, in addition of a lot of bad experiences from the people around me who were stuck for almost 4 years at the TOEFL, and even some of them got their FPGEE expired because they couldn’t pass their TOEFL. The situation was really depressing and I was feeling like I am lost.

After that, I met one of my friends who was trying really hard for 4 years to pass the TOEFL and she told me that she took some online classes and she passed it finally. I got all the info, that I needed from her and started emailing them. It was English Success Academy. First, I scheduled a Score Analysis with Jaime Miller and she identified all my weaknesses and gave me a plan to work on, she gave me the option to work by myself or getting some help from English Success Academy.

Actually, I didn’t feel confident that I will be able to do it alone, so I decided to book some classes with one of their teachers, it was Sierra. What made me choose her is that she said that she moved to live in France, and that she totally understands the challenges that can face new language learners. I believed that someone who is living the same conditions I am in, would be the best person to help me. We started our first classes in October, and I can tell that I mastered the Writing in a very short time. I don’t know how she did it, but I started to feel confident about myself, especially, when she told me that I don’t need to write 530 words to get a high score, knowing that was really helpful for me and stress relieving because I am a slow typer and didn’t use the computer that much in my home country.

After one month and a half we moved to the speaking section. Sierra worked on teaching me how to organize my time wisely and how to use the 15 seconds which is a very short time to prepare my response, she worked on reducing my accent and all the letters that as an Arabic speaker might have problems on. She made for a weekly schedule, to help me find time to absorb and practice everything we took in classes. Furthermore, she didn’t forget working on my reading and listening at the same time, she used to tell me that in order to get high scores in speaking and writing, I should keep my listening and reading ones high as well. After months of practice and hard work together, I was ready to take the exam in June 2017. And I couldn’t believe it I got R25, L26, S28, W27. My total is 106!

I don’t know how to thank you Sierra, you gave me the fuel all the time and kept pushing me and taught me how to think positively about myself. You taught me how to feel relaxed in every speaking task, when you told me smile before every task. Texting me the day of the exam and sending me all these kind words, believing that I’m ready to take the exam and that it was MY DAY, all these and more and even all the words can’t express how I want to thank you. Now, I can move on and get closer to be a certified pharmacist. All thanks to you Sierra, you are an awesome teacher, and overall a great and kind person. Thanks to all the staff of the English Success Academy.”

Congratulations Mary and thank you for your hard work, dedication and trust. I am so proud of you!

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