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Preparing for an Exam “On and Off”

By Tuesday April 24th, 2018TOEFL iBT

Have you read Mary and Ana’s success stories? After reading them, you might notice that I mention that they studied with me, “on and off”. What does this mean exactly?

Well it means that they got in touch with me, started private lessons, and then something happened. For one reason or another, they took a break. During this break they stayed in touch with me and when they were ready, or when I decided they were ready, we started classes again.

For some students, taking classes “on and off” is the key to their success.

It is very common for serious students to contact me and purchase a package of private lessons, study intensively and then take a break. For some students this break may last a week or two while their children are on vacation or they have family visiting, for others it may be a longer, guided break where they do self-study or attend to other professional or academic projects in their life.

These students always come back to me. We stay in touch. They trust me. I guide them while they are taking these breaks and I am there for them, supporting them whenever they need me.

We all have busy lives. Some of us are working parents, some of us are studying and working at the same time and it’s not always possible to set aside the time and dedication required to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Many of us live far from our families and homes. We need to connect, we need to visit with family and friends and invite them to our new home in our new country.

Preparing for TOEFL is part of life, but while we are preparing, life goes on!  

The information, strategies and feedback I give to my students is extensive and detailed. Sometimes students just need to take some time to review everything they’ve just learned. Classes with me are intense! There have also been cases where I asked students to take a break. I told them they needed to rest, or focus on an aspect of the exam that I was confident they could do on their own.

This is why it is so important to communicate what’s going on in your life with the person that is guiding you through this exam. It’s important to stop and reassess your situation every once and a while. If you do decide that you need to take a break, your teacher should support you! Sometimes letting the soil settle in the stream is exactly what you need to keep you moving forward. If you need a break I will be here to support you through that time and I will be here when you’re ready to come back online and study with me.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your exam!

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