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I know you. You’ve been studying English all your life.

You know the grammar, you have fantastic reading skills, you understand what people are saying to you – even native speakers! So why is communication still an issue? Why do people still have trouble understanding you? Why don’t you feel comfortable when you’re speaking? Let me help you find your mistakes, let me help you soften your accent, let me teach you about rhythm, stress and intonation – the keys to speaking like a native speaker.

The first step towards your success is an in-depth accent analysis that will put you on the right path. Knowing your errors is vital to your progress. So many of my students have told me, they felt so relieved once I explained the mistakes they were making. You will feel more confident and motivated! Now you have direction!

Plus! If you purchase a pack of 15 Pronunciation classes, you get a FREE accent Analysis!

The pronunciation classes are the next step in your path to success! You’re colleagues at work will understand you better, you will be able to share your knowledge and reach more people. Teach people your unique skills and communicate better with your clients, patients, students and friends!



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